Last minute Christmas shopping? Give a pre-approval!

If you are STILL unsure of what to get your spouse for Christmas, and it’s been on your “To-Do List” for months to get pre-approved. I am doing rush mortgage pre-approvals up until this Friday the 23rd, so you can surprise them with the good news of buying a home in 2017! I will even get your pre-approval for a future home purchase gift wrapped with a nice card, etc. Don’t worry, I will not be the one wrapping it!! haha.

I had a client request this from me yesterday and I loved the idea. If anyone else wants this, let me know!!
If this is you, I look forward to making this happen for you just in time for the 25th. 

Merry Christmas!!!!

Graham and the Mortgage Crusher
P.s. You can email,  me or click here