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What does Mortgage Crusher mean? What are you “crushing”?

Great question!

The original intention of “Mortgage Crusher” was for my team and I to promote paying down your mortgage to zero, and as fast as possible. In other words, crush your mortgage to zero. Obliterate it to nothing.

Although the name has quickly evolved into the idea of my team and I crushing mortgages for our clients, by making magic happen. You give us your mortgage financing needs, and we will make it happen for you. Not only will we knock it out of the park, but we hope to go above and beyond, communicate well, be intentional, and…..CRUSH it for you! That is the goal every time.

With that being said, I still like to honour the original meaning of the brand Mortgage Crusher and provide the necessary information to pay down your mortgage as fast as possible! Not everyone has the goal of getting mortgage free asap, especially if you are building a rental property empire. But if you are looking for a bunch of ways to pay down your mortgage debt, we can show you how.

Here are the best ways to crush your mortgage to zero:

  • Bi-Weekly (accelerated) payments. You will cut years off your mortgage!
  • Budget your finances. I know it is BORING…but this is a huge must to make debt reduction happen intentionally. I recommend studying Dave Ramsey – Total Money Makeover.
  • Saving to do lump sum payments within the allowance of your pre-payment privileges. Most banks and lenders allow 20% annually to the original principle balance.
  • Interest Rate Matching. This is where you increase your regular monthly payment (or biweekly, weekly, etc) to match what the current interest rates are. Example: If you currently had 2.5% on your fixed rate mortgage and you pay $1000/month. Later on that year rates on the market have now increased to 3%, which would have made your payment $1100/month. You would then call in to your mortgage lender to increase your payment to $1100/m to match what rates are currently doing on the market. That way at the time of renewal there is no interest rate shock to your payments. You have already been moving with the market, and all of those increases have been going directly to principle. It’s a win-win!

Whether you are looking for us to crush your mortgage approval lightning fast with phenomenal mortgage products and rates, OR to find ways to pay down your mortgage. We are here to make that happen!!

Graham Reimer and the Mortgage Crusher team.

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