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Get Your Credit Score Perfect! Here’s how…

Credit score not so good? This article is perfect for you.


Do you have perfect credit already? Well, this article is ALSO for you.


Credit not started and need to build it up ASAP? This article is 100% for you!


I have been staring at credit bureaus daily since 2007 and have seen it all. Good, bad and the ugly. Actually you could throw ‘perfect’ in there too because there have been a couple amazing credit bureaus over the years! Kudos to them. 

Credit is a unique concept when you really begin to think about it. You are told to avoid going into debt by financial advisors, planners and gurus. Yet, when you go to apply for a mortgage or debt of any kind, you need to show that lender that you have maintained debt properly in the past. This is especially tricky when trying to get mortgage financing to purchase real estate, which is fiscally responsible decision. Those lenders may not give you money because they haven’t seen you prove it on the “small” stuff, and are not sure if you can handle the “big” stuff (aka mortgages).

Moral of the story, I agree that this is all confusing and wanted to create something that helps! Here is a link to my credit building and maintaining document. It is several pages but well worth the read as credit is one of the most important pieces in your financial future.

Click HERE to download a copy for free.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call me. I would be happy to help along the way so you can prepare well for home ownership and retirement. I can assure you that it is not rocket science and as you are reading the document you will be nodding your head in agreement. Most people do 80% right, it is just 20% that is keeping you from a great credit score. 

All the best!

Graham Reimer

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