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CMP Young Guns 2017 medal

CMP Young Guns award recipient! Thank you!

I made the list!!! Thank you!!!

These are always the most awkward posts of the year for me, but I have to say thank you because I do not receive any awards without YOU!

I have made it back on the list for the national CMP Young Guns award. The competition is between any and all mortgage companies and brands in Canada. The major determining factor is you must be 35 years old or younger and crush it. I was fortunate enough to make the cut! You can check it out HERE.

CMP (Canadian Mortgage Professionals) look at the number of mortgages funded per year, annual mortgage volume, character and reputation, and influence on the mortgage industry to see who can win. Side note: I only have 4 more years to make it before I turn 36… and then I will have to make my own award “Top 36 under 36”?!?! haha.

Anyways, I only write this post to say thank you to my clients, referral sources, banks and lender managers and underwriters, my company DLC, my team and my family.

  • Thank you to my clients for making this happen. The kind words, the Google reviews, the nominations, and most of all trusting me to help with your mortgage needs!! Thank you.
  • Thank you to my referral sources. Plenty of my now clients, would not have met me if it were not for you. Thank you to those that are consistently raving fans and go out of their way to support my team and I.
  • Thank you to the banks/lenders staff that I work with day in and day out. You are the ones that are working hard for my clients.
  • Thank you to Dominion Lending Centres head office for making consumer confidence so high when hearing the name of “DLC”. The commercials, the support, and the bargaining power to gain access to low rates and amazing products, and phenomenal leadership that makes me a better person.
  • Thank you to my team. Without your phenomenal work I would never be able to help as many individuals, couples and families as I currently do. You make me look good day after day and I am forever thankful for your support and efforts. This award is definitely shared with you all.
  • Lastly thank you to my wife and son. You allow me to work some insane hours in peak season and put up with my phone buzzing around the clock. Thank you for the love and support!

Here is to next year’s awards!!

Graham Reimer
and The Mortgage Crusher Team