Working With The Mortgage Crusher Team

Step 1: Apply For A Mortgage

  • To get started with your Purchase, Refinance, Transfer, or Renewal you will need to apply for a mortgage with my team and me. No matter what kind of mortgage you are looking for we would be honoured to help.
  • About 60% of our customers apply online here: Click here to start your application and someone on Graham’s team will contact you to fill in any gaps or missing info. From there, Graham will reach out to you ASAP to finalize your Pre-Qualification and create your custom financing plan.
  • 25% of our customers apply over the phone, from anywhere in Canada. Please call the office at 403-394-9422 and ask to book a phone application. This is ranges from 10 minutes to 30 minutes on the phone and all the major details are taken down, and you will be asked to fax or email in your credit consent. Then Graham will reach out to you ASAP to finalize your Pre-Qualification and create your custom financing plan.
  • The remaining 15% of our clients prefer to meet with my team and me in person at our physical head office location in Lethbridge, AB. This percentage drops more and more every year as technology increases and our lives get busier. If you are needing or wanting this way to meet, we are more than happy to accommodate this for you. Please call the office at 403-394-9422 and ask for an in-person meeting to start your application. Graham will reach out to you ASAP to finalize your Pre-Qualification once this has been completed and create your custom financing plan.

Step 2: Get Pre-Qualified

  • Once your application and credit consent has been received, Graham and his team will pre-qualify you for a mortgage. Once you get this confirmation you can start making offers on houses if you are in the market for buying. If you are refinancing or renewing, then your file will instantly move to shopping for mortgage financing approvals (once we have your paperwork).
  • Buying a home and using a realtor? Show them this video:

Step 3: Mortgage Submitted For Approval

  • This is where Graham and his team start to work their magic shopping for the best bank/lender, product and interest rate.

Step 4: Your Mortgage Is Conditionally Approved!

  • After Graham and his team have shopped the mortgage marketplace high and low for the best available options, they will finalize the best custom approval for you. At this stage you will then sign your approval as mentioned in the video.

Step 5: Financing Conditions Now Complete

  • Your mortgage is officially done and 100% accepted. No more annoying paperwork! Now all that is left is meeting with a lawyer or title company to register your new mortgage to your home’s title.

That is it! 5 steps with Graham and his award-winning team and you get yourself a mortgage. I know it seems too easy, but that is the way it should be. With good planning and organization at Step 1, you should have a nice smooth transition from each step. There will be plenty of paperwork as you probably have heard or dealt with getting a mortgage in the past. But those efforts by you allow all of the financing options to open up and ensures the absolute best possible mortgage for you. You deserve the best out there and we love finding that on your behalf.

We look forward to helping!