About The Mortgage Crusher Team


I think as customers we all learn to settle. Settle for second best, we learn to settle for broken promises and we learn to accept average. We started analyzing our own purchasing experiences from the grocery store, to the car dealership and we are no different than you. We caught ourselves receiving ‘average’ everything…from food, to customer service, to quality of products, etc. I’m tired of being surprised when my beautiful TV lasts more than 2 years. That is when we realized we have the ability to break the norm and start to offer above average, even excellent, maybe, just maybe…a perfect experience! Ok, not perfect, no one person or business is perfect. But, that is our aim, our goal and our mission.

We want to be the mortgage broker that exceeded your expectations, and delivered results that you thought were impossible. We strive towards excellence and take pride and joy in seeing your succeed in your homeownership dreams. We realize that we are human and have our lending limitations…but when we wear our suits to work we believe there is a “S” on our chest and a cape on our back. Super Hero’s of lending. Let us set the bar high for us brokers to meet and give us the opportunity to show you what we believe in. Excellence. Quality. Trustworthy. Game changers. Super Heroes…Mortgage Crushers!

We want our customers to have an experience that exceeds their expectations and financing that sets them up for long-term success. We want to retire one day knowing that we did all we could to help our customers become real estate moguls, or get mortgage free in 10 years and less. Whatever the goal, we want our customers to know it is possible with the Mortgage Crusher team. We look forward to serving you!

Thank you for reading this rant. We love what we do.

Graham Reimer
The Mortgage Crusher Team