How To Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage [eBook]

Lethbridge Mortgage GuideBuying a home is still considered part of the "Canadian Dream"regardless of it being your 1st home or your 20th home. The excitement, the honour and the bragging rights never seem to go away. There is a psychological trigger that gets pulled when someone buys a home, and we get that! We love helping customers acquire properties and allowing them to experience those moments. Those moments are great, but even greater is the moments that follow and the future results.

The investment in real estate can set you up for long term net worth with home equity, and can lead to cash flow from revenue properties. Your home may not be the one trick pony that you originally thought it was. Real estate is still known to be the number one cause for most millionaires in North America!

We see home ownership as a privilege, yet attainable for everyone. The only thing that is in the way is getting approved for financing. That is where the Mortgage Crusher team comes in... we make sure that the privilege of owning a home is made possible for you.

With blood, sweat and tears (not actually), we made an E-Book called "Get Pre Approved". The book name is not great at all, it is actually quite boring, but says exactly what your realtor will say, what we will say, and your seller will say. You want to buy a home, GET PRE APPROVED! Your pre-approval will let you know what your buying limits are, any hurdles that may affect you, what down payment you will need, and if you are ready or not to make an offer on a home. We made a short book that will go through the major steps and some tricks and tips along the way.

Here are some of the quick points you will learn about:

  • What NOT to do when getting ready to buy
  • How much down payment do you need
  • Affordability vs Qualification
  • Timelines (from start to finish)

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