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Basement Suites – Are they Worth it???

By Graham Reimer March 12, 2016

Basement Suites worth it??? I am a fan of maximizing my dollars in whatever capacity possible while maintaining sanity and lifestyle. I find basement suites a way for this to happen. I am a fan of legal basement suites…. illegal and non-conforming are awesome too on a cashflow perspective but come with a bit more…

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Head to Head Battle: Realtor VS Private Sale

By Graham Reimer January 14, 2016

When I am doing pre-approvals for clients, I get this question all the time: “Is this pre-approval good for both kinds of listings, realtor and private sales?” It is a good question, and I suppose an important one because everyone wants to maximize their house hunting opportunities. For that maximizing reason I understand the desire…

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Should you renew your mortgage early? I just did and literally saved thousands!

By Graham Reimer January 11, 2016

Hey! If you have a mortgage, you have a mortgage term. This is the date that your mortgage comes up for renewal and you have to renegotiate your terms, rates, bank, etc. Everyone for the past 5 years has been winning in this renewal scenario because rates are usually much less than what you signed…

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Mortgage Tips for Nurses and Teachers!

By Graham Reimer November 25, 2015

Mortgage Tips for Nurses and Teachers! Hey, all you nurses and teachers out there! If you find yourself looking to buy a home, but don’t think you are ready yet, this is a good article for you to find out for sure. As a health care professional or educator you have a union and/or a…

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Hanging out with Tony Robbins via his new book

By Graham Reimer November 17, 2015

I have been hacking my way through Tony Robbins most recent book, Money: Master the Game. Great book with lots of insights on investing, saving, planning, etc. One of the chapters recommends watching this video, and so I did. I am not highly recommending you do as well! It is only a half hour of…

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