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Get Your Credit Score Perfect! Here’s how…

By Graham Reimer March 5, 2017

Get Your Credit Score Perfect! Here’s how… Credit score not so good? This article is perfect for you.   Do you have perfect credit already? Well, this article is ALSO for you.   Credit not started and need to build it up ASAP? This article is 100% for you!   I have been staring at…

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What does Mortgage Crusher mean? What are you “crushing”???

By Graham Reimer February 27, 2017

What does Mortgage Crusher mean? What are you “crushing”? Great question! The original intention of “Mortgage Crusher” was for my team and I to promote paying down your mortgage to zero, and as fast as possible. In other words, crush your mortgage to zero. Obliterate it to nothing. Although the name has quickly evolved into…

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Purchase a Home and Customize it!

By Graham Reimer January 23, 2017

Purchase a home and customize it! With house prices remaining flat or declining in most parts of the country (other than Vancouver, Toronto and their surrounding areas), I have seen an increase in “Purchase Plus Improvement” mortgages. This is where you purchase or refinance a home and need funds to renovate it, or in mortgage…

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Last minute Christmas shopping? Give a pre-approval!

By Graham Reimer December 20, 2016

Last minute Christmas shopping? Give a pre-approval! If you are STILL unsure of what to get your spouse for Christmas, and it’s been on your “To-Do List” for months to get pre-approved. I am doing rush mortgage pre-approvals up until this Friday the 23rd, so you can surprise them with the good news of buying…

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Doom and gloom for Oct. 17th…Maybe not!

By Graham Reimer October 4, 2016

Doom and gloom for Oct. 17th…Maybe not! You heard correct. A little bit of doom and gloom headed your way on Oct. 17th 2016 if you are a homebuyer… or potentially as a seller for that matter. But, hang in there, let me introduce the light at the end of the tunnel. Honestly! The Government…

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Feds postpone rate hike. Will rates take a hike soon?

By Graham Reimer June 22, 2016

Feds postpone rate hike. Will rates take a hike soon? This blog post is sourced by the expert and economist Dr. Sherry Cooper. Enjoy her brilliance below:  No one expected the Federal Reserve to raise rates today even though they have been criticized by some for lacking credibility. When the target overnight fed funds rate…

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Real Life Story #2 – New job!

By Graham Reimer May 20, 2016

Real Life Story #2 – New Job In the past month I have had two customers with new jobs come to me for a pre-approval. One was a teacher, and the other worked as an office administrator. Both had a similar situation with similar fears, which brought me to writing this. Two complete strangers, two…

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Real Life Story #1 – Downpayment

By Graham Reimer May 4, 2016

Hey! I will now be posting occasional Real Life Stories about my mortgage situations I encounter. I will be posting these along with my regular blog posts. These will be short and sweet and contain a quick story that may be helpful as you plan your next purchase or refinance! 🙂 Here we go! I…

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What’s up with the prime rate? Staying the same or going down?

By Graham Reimer April 14, 2016

The Bank of Canada meets throughout the year to determine what happens with our mortgage prime rate that affects our variable rate mortgages and our line of credits. The Bank of Canada has a team of economists and leaders that will look at the economy and make educated moves upwards or downwards based on their…

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Basement Suites – Are they Worth it???

By Graham Reimer March 12, 2016

Basement Suites worth it??? I am a fan of maximizing my dollars in whatever capacity possible while maintaining sanity and lifestyle. I find basement suites a way for this to happen. I am a fan of legal basement suites…. illegal and non-conforming are awesome too on a cashflow perspective but come with a bit more…

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